About PauWare

PauWare (to be pronounced "power") is a research group in software engineering and more specifically Model Driven Software Development in the University of Pau (near the Spain border in France). This group produces the related PauWare technology, a software kit of libraries, APIs and tools, mostly in common Java (Java Embedded, Java SE and Java EE) with entire Android compatibility.

Permanent Members

Franck Barbier

Full Professor

Franck Barbier carries out research activities in object/component/service modeling through UML, SCXML and BPMN, model driven software development (MDSD), software design, test and runtime management for mobile and distributed systems, software adaptation, executable models and models at run time. Great supporter of the NetBeans IDE!

Eric Cariou

Associate Professor

Eric is to humble to write about himself. Let's say he is an expert about MDE (Ecore, ATL, OCL...)

Olivier Le Goaƫr

Associate Professor

Olivier is skilled in Eclipse-based MDSD (Ecore, Xtext, Xtend) while being a fan of IntelliJ IDEA. He is the author of a popular online course about Android programming (in french) and enjoys modern Web technologies.
Current head of the fork Green Pauware.

Temporary Members

  • Lea Brunschwig. Msc. Computer Science
  • Samson Pierre. PhD. Computer Science