PauWare Technology

The PauWare group provides the following software items:

  • PauWare engine (a Java interpretation engine for UML and SCXML Statecharts')
  • PauWare add-ons (complementary tools built upon PauWare engine)
  • WWM
  • genDROID
  • Xmodeling Studio

PauWare engine

PauWare engine is a Java API, i.e., a set of Java classes and interfaces making up an execution engine for State Chart XML (SCXML) and UML State Machine Diagrams. Both are a variant of Harel's Statecharts, which are used to model and to implement reactive software-intensive systems.

PauWare engine is registered as follows: InterDeposit Digital Number IDDN.FR.001.360023.000.S.P.2006.000.10000

License: use of PauWare engine is subject to the restrictions of the LGPL license version 3

For more information, please see:


The PauWare engine API is divided into two editions. The first edition is compliant with the Java EE platform (Java EE 6, EJB 3.x). The second edition is dedicated to the Java ME platform. Both are compatible with Java SE (known compatibility is from J2SE, SDK, 1.4.x).

Experimental release new

Latest stable releases

PauWare engine as plugin

Source code

The Java source files of PauWare engine are available as NetBeans projects:


Online Documentation

The Javadoc associated with the API is available here

Users' guide

The up-to-date users' guide of PauWare engine is available within the book.

Case studies

Implemented case studies based on PauWare engine (link to Web pages):


Here are tiny samples especially discussed in the users' guide (NetBeans projects as ZIP files):

Android experiment

You will find below a sample mobapp that uses PauWare engine on Android OS:

PauWare engine - Addons

  • PauWare view is a graphical simulator of SCXML documents and UML State Machine Diagrams. PauWare view dedicated Web page is here.
  • SCXML2Pauware provides a bridge to translate SCXML state machine descriptions to executable state machines based on the PauWare engine API : Download the Eclipse SCXML2Pauware plugin
  • new Pauware Code Generator is an online platform that generate full executable state machines based on the PauWare engine API from XMI file produced by most UML Case tools. Try it now


World Wide Modeling is a vision that promotes the sharing of models accross the boundaries of companies and organisations. WWM is a lightweight tool that turns your computer into a model-oriented server. Models are then served through specific URIs and specific commands available to the model client. WWM is released as a Node.js package and can be easily installed typing : npm install wwm


The genDROID project aims at providing online code generators to Android developers through a dedicated web tool. Two generators have been implemented so far:

  • Generation of a SQLiteOpenHelper class from an SQL dump
  • Generation of a complete app from any JSON REST Service

Xmodeling Studio

Xmodeling Studio Logo

Xmodeling Studio is an Eclipse Modeling Framework plug-in assisting the language engineers with the design and implementation executable DSLs and their corresponding execute engine taking in account the business operations and their data flow. It also gives the opportunity to the software engineer to integrate the language engineer's work to the Java environment of their choice